Hypnotherapy to help women reclaim their mind and body when facing fertility or menopause struggles.

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Supporting women to reconnect with their mind, body and the world around them when leaning in to the challenge of infertility or menopause.

Is fertility Hypnotherapy for me?

Curious about hypnotherapy but not sure if it’s for you? Why not book a confidential free half hour discovery session? These are relaxed and informal sessions, where we can chat, I can explain what clinical hypnotherapy is all about and you can ask lots of questions.

Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association & The UK Hypnotherapy Council

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Book a confidential free half hour discovery session

About Abi

My own journey to motherhood took 10 years during which time I explored many different avenues, learnt all about fertility and discovered first-hand the physical and psychological impact of my own fertility struggles. Many years later I studied clinical hypnotherapy and recognised the power of bringing together the heart, body and mind to support women no matter what stage they are on their journey to motherhood…

The Hypnotic Mindset

Being in a hypnotic mindset, sometimes referred to as a trance, creates a quiet and receptive brain. A heightened ability to focus and concentrate allows individuals to absorb the therapeutic suggestions, metaphors and other techniques used by the practitioner…

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Fertility

Those experiencing fertility challenges may be living with feelings of isolation, grief, regret, disappointment and fear. Grow Hypnotherapy can help individuals reclaim their fertility journey, feeling more in control over their body, mind and lives…

Abi McMullen

About Grow Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Grow Hypnotherapy is a specialist practice to help women to realise their dreams of motherhood. Tailored treatment plans are designed to support specific goals and milestones, build resilience and confidence, clear any unwanted emotions as well as balancing the body and mind.

Grow has programmes to support:

Natural Fertility Cycles

Assisted Fertility Treatment





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